How to use automatic Bcc or Cc in Gmail?

First, ensure to have Gmelius installed, the automations rules functionality is activated by default under your Gmelius dashboard. To access it go to the section underneath Automation there you will be able to create a new Cc or Bcc rule. 

You will need to define the following:

A trigger: This event specifies the rule. For example, you can set the rule to be triggered if an email is sent from a specific email address, or to some defined recipients. (Required)

A condition: You may exclude particular recipients or entire domains from your rules, e.g., the domain of your company. This is useful if you want to add granularity to your automation tasks. (Optional)

An action: You can choose to forward your mail as a regular carbon copy (Cc) or invisibly as a blind carbon copy (Bcc). (Required)

When finished, click on the Save button. You can edit your rules at any time by selecting them from the left-hand pane.

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