How to set a recurring email?

Recurring emails are just like scheduled emails but will be sent for a set number of occurrences or repetitively. For example, you can schedule a monthly recurring email to remind an employee to submit their monthly expense report.

After you click on the clock schedule icon located next to the Send button, select Set recurring email:

You can choose from the following options:

  • Frequency: How often the message will be sent (e.g. every day, week, month, or year)
  • Send time: The time the message will be sent
  • Start & end date: Choose when to schedule and when to stop the recurring sequence. Choose a specific date or a fixed number of occurrences, or let it run indefinitely
  • Weekdays only: Check this box if you want your sequence to skip weekends and only deliver your messages on weekdays. Messages that would have been sent over a weekend will be postponed to the following Monday.

When you’ve finished creating your sequence, click on the Schedule button.

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