How to create Gmelius email templates?

The email templates functionality is activated by default under your Gmelius dashboard.  You can create new templates from your Dashboard or from an email compose window:  

1) From the Gmelius dashboard:

To create a new email template from your dashboard, go to the Template section of your menu and click on the red plus button located in the bottom right corner.

2) From an email:

To create a new template from an email, click on the layer icon of your compose window and selecting " Create a new template" or if you have written an email which you wish to save as a template select "Save this email as a template".

Here is a summary of your available options when creating a template:

  • Template name: Choose an easy-to-remember name for the template.
  • Hashtag: Use a hashtag in your compose window's subject line to automatically insert the template.
  • Subject: Set a subject line in this field.
  • Body: Add formatted text in this field. Note that you can add a number of variables, such as the name and email of your recipients, that will be automatically inserted.

Gmelius email templates also offer the following optional advanced settings:

  • Send from: Set which addresses to send the template from if you manage more than one email address from your mailbox.
  • Label as: Automatically add specific labels to the email.
  • Add Bcc/Cc recipients: Include other recipients automatically.
  • Automatically send the email: Choose to automatically send the message when all actions associated with the template are completed. (Use with caution.)
  • Category settings: Organize your templates into different categories(folders on the left side panel) to match your workflow.

To edit a template, click on its name to select it, make the necessary changes, and click the Save button to confirm your edits.
Business users also have the option to share templates with members of their team.

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