How to use private notes?

1. Turn on "Add private notes"

The private note functionality is activated by default under your Gmelius dashboard. Make sure it is activated in your settings.

2. Open an email and click on the Gmelius logo

 When you open an email, you will notice a widget on the right-hand side of your message, where you can add private notes.

To save a note, either click on the red plus button or use the keyboard shortcut Crtl + Enter

TIP 1: Notice your notes from your inbox

In your inbox view, you’ll notice that email threads with notes attached include a blue note icon before the subject line. 

You can preview notes by hovering over the icon.

TIP 2: Search your notes

Notes are searchable using the regular Gmail search function. Simply type a word belonging to the body of the note within the search box and click on the corresponding entry.

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