How to share a note?

Please note that you can only share your notes with your team if you are subscribed to our Business (legacy), Sales or Team Plan. The people you share your templates with will also need to have an active Gmelius account and be part of your team’s Business subscription.

1. Turn on "Add private notes"

The  private note functionality is activated by default under your Gmelius dashboard. Make sure it is activated in your settings.

2. Add a person to your note

To share a note, type “@” followed by the name of the person you wish to share it with.  Confirm by selecting the name from the autocomplete list.

3. Write and save your note

Then write your note and once done click on the red plus button or use the "crtl+enter" shortcut, the shared note will be connected with the correct message and instantly appear in the mailbox of the colleague you tagged. 

This side note conversation can be shared privately with a team member, it is not under any circumstances accessible to the original sender of the email.

You can notice that the icon of the person you shared your note with has been added.

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