What is Gmelius?

Gmelius is an email application that integrates seamlessly into Gmail and Google Suite. Gmelius makes your inbox smarter with scheduling, snoozing, email notes, shared templates, free email tracking, kanban boards, automation, and many other features.

Send an email at a later date and time

With Gmelius, you can easily schedule emails to be sent at the date and time of your choosing. Scheduled emails can be sent once or as part of a recurring sequence. This functionality lets you decide when your emails will reach your recipient’s inbox, increasing the likelihood that they will be opened, read, and answered.
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Email Reminders and Snooze your emails

Use Gmelius to be reminded of emails that you do not want to respond to immediately. This functionality lets you “snooze” emails — they are archived and move back to the top of your inbox at a date and time of your choosing.
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Attach private notes to your messages

Add context to any email conversation by including private notes. Collaborate behind the scenes by sharing these notes with members of your team. Any information on a private note is visible only to you and the people you share the note with, but never to the original sender.
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Save time using email templates

Looking for a quick way to create and send repetitive emails? Gmelius lets you automate these tasks with reusable templates. Templates can be as simple as inserting the same pre-defined text into emails. However, more complex templates allow you to automatically insert the first and last name of a recipient, adjust the subject line, add labels, etc. Icing on the cake, you can share your templates with your team.
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Track your emails and know exactly when to follow up

Thanks to Gmelius’ email tracking solution, you know exactly who opens your message and when. Read notifications help you gauge lead interest and follow up with perfect timing. They allow you to save time by avoiding the need to write a new message or call to confirm the reception of your emails.
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Gmelius offers many more features, e.g., Trello-like Kanban boards, CRM integration, etc.

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