Why is authentication required?

To ensure Gmelius works properly, please allow Gmelius to communicate with Google.

All emails are sent via the Gmail API directly. In our queries, we only temporarily store the IDs of your snoozed messages and your scheduled drafts. In order to uniquely identify the messages you wish to track, we store the headers of those emails (subject, recipients, time).

We use OAuth so we don’t have access to your password and you can revoke access at any time. This makes Gmelius more secure than many other email products, especially mobile email clients that may have access to your password or other add-ons that analyze or scan your inbox.

Gmelius is a Swiss company. Privacy is engrained in both Swiss culture and law, as well as being a core principle of our company. We do not store, sell or transmit information present in your inbox and our code meets the latest Content Security Policy (CSP) recommendations, making sure you can keep browsing the Web safely. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

To restart the authentication procedure, please close this window and reload your inbox or Gmelius dashboard.