I get an open notification when checking my sent email from the same device

Chrome 72 changed the way trackers can be blocked and may lead to false positives. To avoid this issue, we released a patch which clean all Gmelius trackers inside your new emails (even for emails sent via the Gmelius mobile app), so you won't have any false-positives when you open your message. 

Please note that our patch is  retro-active. To apply our fix, please follow these simple instructions: 

1/. Go to  chrome://extensions
2/. Remove your current copy of Gmelius by clicking on the trash icon
3/. Go to https://gmelius.com and re-install Gmelius
4/. Click on the small Gmelius logo, added at the right side of your browser address bar:

5/. Click on the "Block email trackers" image:


This option will block all trackers present in your inbox and not only the one provided by Gmelius.

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