How to convert a Google Group into a shared inbox?

Gmelius offers an easy way to transform any Google Group into a shared inbox by following this 2-step process.

1)  Head to your Google Group

Remove all users from the Google group but the email id of the Gmelius user from whose inbox the Google Group will be configured as a shared inbox. 

Keep the Google Group active.

2) Create a Shared Inbox from your Gmelius Dashboard

Create a Shared Inbox (not label) configuration from the account who is managing the Google Group:

Recommendation: When the Skip the Inbox option is selected to keep your mailbox and the Google Group emails separately and your inbox view dedicated to your personal emails, opt for the ticketing workflow to keep better track of assigned and unassigned emails. 

Nota Bene: This functionality is only available to Gmelius customers under our Team and CRM plans. 

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