How to use Gmail filters along with Gmelius Shared Labels?

The following instructions apply to inboxes were the Gmelius Shared Labels have been activated.

STEP 1: Create shared labels to share conversations from your email or a group email with members of your subscription. See how Shared labels work  here

STEP 2: Use Gmail Filter to further sync incoming conversations with your Gmelius Shared Labels 

  1. Open Gmail and Go to your Settings to manage your Gmail Filters
  2. Go to the "Filters and blocked addresses" tab
  3. Create a new Gmail filter 
  4. Fill a condition that applies to your use case and click on Create filter 
  5. Select "Apply the label" and choose from the drop-down list the Gmelius Shared Label (SharedLabel/Name) you want the filter to apply to.
  6. Verify here the filter you have created to apply to your Gmelius Shared Label (SharedLabel/Name) 

Deleting and managing your Gmelius Shared Labels From your Gmail Filters Settings will neutralize Incoming Gmelius Sharing Rules.

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