How do shared labels work?

Gmelius makes possible to share specific conversations from a group email, e.g., and automatically synchronize conversations sent to a specific email address. Let's suppose you want to share with members of your team selected emails sent to your sales email address,

Label Configuration

First ensure that Gmelius is active for your email address, e.g., If not, just sign up using the latter account by heading to Once Gmelius is linked to your primary account, add it to your Gmelius Team or CRM subscription (applies to legacy Business plan subscribers)

You'll then be able to configure a shared label. See how here

Make sure to choose a workflow that matches up to your needs.  For more information on how to select a workflow, see here

Locate a Shared Label in your inbox

Once a Shared Label, e.g., Gmelius/SharedLabel/Sales is created for your shared mailbox,  e.g.,  you will find the label nested under your Gmelius label on your left Gmail pane. 

How to share conversations from your shared mailbox

There are two ways to select conversations to share via the shared label configuration.

Drag and Drop Motion: Select the conversation you want to share with your team and drag and drop it to the Shared Label Folder

Move to button on your Gmail toolbar: Move the selected conversation to your Gmelius Shared Label folder and share it with your team by using the ''Move the message to a folder button/icon'' on your Gmail Toolbar.

Locate shared conversations 

Depending on the chosen workflow, you will be able to find all shared conversations under the respective folders both in the shared mailbox, e.g., and the respective inboxes of the sales agents, e.g, 

For more information on how to each workflow works, see here

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